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Apprehend escaped prisoner #L46C. Prisoner's ship damaged in chase, forcing emergency landing on uncharted planet. No other life signs detected on planet.

Escape is impossible. Lethal force authorized.

* * *

Control with arrow keys, Z, X, and C. Progress is saved automatically.

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Fugitive 62 MB
Fugitive (Source) 120 MB


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I really liked the combat in this! very strong central mechanic that kind of expands by subtraction of design? like early on you can get away with tanking some damage and jumping to avoid shots but by the end of the game it's parry or die. The atmosphere felt like a weighted, guilty, blanket. Super good ^^


Just finished playing this, so good! I was impressed by the economy of design. Elements got reused in new contexts that made them feel totally novel, and the story beats were eerily understated and effective. It really felt like a complete experience.