Current Record: 5:06
by wintery_mix

If the game fails to load, please try using another browser or disabling incognito mode.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorFar Away Times
Made withLÖVE
TagsArcade, High Score, LÖVE, Score Attack, Short, Singleplayer


Beach Balls (Windows) 5 MB
Beach Balls (Mac) 7 MB
Beach Balls (Linux) 6 MB
Beach Balls (Source) 661 kB


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hello i tried to play in chrome and got "love.js:9 DOMException: Internal error." in the console. in firefox it works fine.

I get this error whenever I try to play in incognito mode in chrome or firefox. It has something to do with Love2D not being able to access IndexedDB/not having necessary cookies. It's been an open bug with Love.js since 2020, and after talking with a smart friend it sounds like it'd be really tricky for them to fix. 

If any of my Love.js games fail to load, please try disabling incognito mode or using another browser. Failing that, the executable versions should still work fine.

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I saw the note about that, but the thing is that I am not in incognito mode! In incognito mode, I get a different error, "love.js:9 DOMException: The user denied permission to access the database."

I'm not sure if this is helpful at all, but it does seem to be a different kind of issue than the ones you knew about, so I figured I'd report it. no worries at all if you don't have the bandwidth to troubleshoot further, it looks like you've already spent a lot of time on similar things!

Ahhh thanks for clarifying! That's helpful to know, I'll take some time and try to reproduce the issue next time I'm getting a Love2D game together. I want to make emscripten less of a black box to me in general since it's the key to porting a lot of engines I'm interested in to browser.


Great game! At the start is difficult to understand certain things. I would have made the collision zones wider so it's easier to the player to hit them (that require a different colider for player interaction and for balls interaction). 

My best time is 12 sec. >:)