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Loved it! The omnipresent lack of safety was really tangible throughout the forest and town. The glyph system being so specific for characters was fun, I like how Alyssa and Lacy's abilities intertwine (with nods to JRPG buffs. ) their playful banter was nice in between all the intense encounters. I could really feel the sense of entrapment Lacy had growing up ,  as well.

Enjoyed the character twist at the end,  felt like that really helped in giving a sense of all the people trapped within the guardianship, yet to escape. It was nice that she was able to forge new social bonds even after being dream dived .  And of course this all tying to Facets makes me wanna replay it to remember how things pan out.


The slow burn romance is sweet, the action scenes are dope, and the character growth feels substantial and earned!  It's a pretty breezy read at only 120 pages, and a very smart extension of the game's lore.